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Do you need an Emergency Electrician in pontyclun

whether you have tripping electrics, burning electrics or no power in your home. I carry a wide variety of different parts and knowledge to restore power as soon as possible.

Emergency Electrician in pontyclun

in some cases, I may have to do a temporary fix and I can quote for the repair work that will need to be carried out as soon as possible. I can generally diagnose a fault within the first hour.

I attend lots of electrical faults, such as loss of power, tripping RCD & electrical burning to name a few. I recently attended a property in the night where the fuse board was smoking and popping. I switched the power off removed the cover and it was charred and melted. This was an old wooden & baker lite board and could have been much more serious if it was court as early. If you have one of these fuse boards then this needs to be upgraded to ensure your electrical installation is safe

Remember electricity cannot always be heard seen or smelt. This also applies to electrical faults. Make sure your house is checked to keep your family and friends safe from electrical dangers in your home. I recommend an Electrical Inspection Condition Report every 5 years.

I am an emergency electrician in Pontyclun , Cardiff and surrounding areas. I can attend and fix a variety of problems including:

No Sockets

Tripping power

No Lights

Old Fuseboard

Burning Smell

​RCD tripped

Faulty Electrics


​Circuit breakers tripped

And many more...

If you have electrical problems, then you can call me. It is more costly out of hours than during regular working hours, but I am always happy to come if you need me to.

Call Connor if you need a reliable, trustworthy electrician in an emergency.

01443 305 300


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